Below you can read the Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle communiqué that was circulated today at the protest outside the offices of the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrysta Freeland (344 Bloor St. at 6 PM) and which will also be sent to the members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa.

It is backed by 12 organizations.  We ask you to forward it widely!!
Many thanks,
Spokespersons for the Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle:
Maria Páez Victor, Beatriz Santiago, Alma Weinstein



Toronto, 7 August 2018


The Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle, an independent NGO, founded in 2003, is a circle of friends that seeks to strengthen links of friendship and understanding between Canadian and Venezuelan peoples, and ultimately, all the peoples of Latin America


BACKGROUND: On 4 August 2018, two drones armed with 1 kg of the explosive C4, were aimed at the stand where stood the democratically elected president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro and the top members of the cabinet and military forces, as well as many diplomats and visitors. The drones were intercepted by alert security forces, but not before one of them exploded injuring 7 soldiers and the other crashed at the foot of a nearby building.


The images of this attack went around the world as it took place in front of numerous TV cameras that were filming live the celebration of the 81st Anniversary of Venezuela’s National Guard, with a large the military parade in formation along one of Caracas’ main streets. All this was televised: it was a clear and stark terrorist attempted murder of an elected president of a democratic country in our Hemisphere.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrysta Freeland, has brought shame and disgrace to this country by:

  • FAILING TO CONDEM THE TERRORIST ATTACK: She has failed to condemn an attempted, televised, pubic massacre of the top officials of a country with a long tradition of friendship with Canadians.


  • FOLLOWING TRUMP DESPITE INSULTS TO CANADA: Despite President Trump’s insult to Prime Minister Trudeau, despite Trump declaring Canada as a security risk and imposing unjust economic tariffs on Canadian trade, Minister Freeland has joined with one of the most disreputable USA presidents in living memory in the political adventure of “regime change” for Venezuela.


  • IGNORING USA ABUSE OF LATINO CHILDREN: Despite Minister Freeland’s many statements of “concern” for human rights violations in Venezuela with little or no proof, she has not condemned the blatant abuse of human rights by the USA that has torn Latino children and infants from their parents’ arms and confined them to cages at the US/Mexican border, actions of outright racism.



Supported by the following organizations:


Canadian, Latin American and Caribbean Policy Centre (CAL&C)

Latin American Solidarity Network (LASN)

Venezuelan Solidarity Committee

Socialist Action

Hugo Chávez People’s Defence Front

Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association of Toronto

Canadian Network on Cuba

Colombian Action Solidarity Alliance (CASA)


Communist Party of Canada

Guatemala Community Network, Toronto










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