2019, II International Poetry Festival “La Patria Grande” FIPGRA

The Right to Peace, Diversity – Political Prisoners – Popular Leaders

We invite you now to train and organize your collective and writers in each of the places that make up the Patria Grande and thus contribute to the planting of this important event collectively. The Festival will take place on September 18 to 22, 2019 at the Latin American Cultural Center located at 1756 Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto.

Hugs and fraternal solidarity,

Keith Ellis Zilpha Ellis Carlos Angulo Rivas Maria Elena Mesa

Collective FIPGRA Fipgra12@yahoo.com

The Amazon or Amazon

The Amazon or Amazon
Sea ice or ICE
This is how we get to sleep
Some nights
Thinking of a bathtub full
of vodka
Thinking of a bathtub full
of jam
Bathtubs filled with scram-
bled eggs
Or ketchup, said the president
Is all kids need to eat
And spread it on his meat
The president — whose mouth
Is but an anus
Whose tongue is but a turd
That tumbles from his lips each day
And each day they’re surprised
By this
It’s absurd
People don’t believe that
All these murderers are murderers
Despite what they read
Every day in the papers
With their bathtubs full of coffee
And their bathtubs full of juice
Their tabletops of buttered toast
Their pamplemousse
And Zeus says:

It’s the Amazon or Amazon

This planet isn’t big enough for both

It’s sea ice or ICE — pars pro toto