Save Yemeni Children! Canada Stop Arming Saudi Arabia!

Saturday, September 8th @ 2:00 PM – Facebook

Foreign Affairs Office (344 Bloor St. West)

For the past 4 years, the western backed Saudi-led coalition have targeted everything in Yemen. The list includes hospitals, factories, bridges, water tanks, power stations, school, universities, wedding halls and even cemeteries! This has caused a severe damage to the Yemeni economy and tens of thousands of people have lost their lives. According to a recent UN report, Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and more than 75% of the population need humanitarian aid and protection because of the Saudi imposed blockade on Yemen.

Recently the coalition added a new target to their list: children. On August 9th, in the city of Sada’a, Saudi’s jet have targeted a school bus with a 500-pound laser-guided bomb. 51 people who died in the airstrike, 40 of which were children, and 79 people were injured.

5 days ago, an attack killed at least 22 children and four women fleeing fighting in the Al Durayhimi district, which sits south of the port city of Hodeidah.

On September 8th, The Yemeni Community in Canada and their friends in the Canadian community will go on a protest to request the Canadian government to condemn such massacres and cancel the arms deal they have with Saudi.

Please join us and show support to the Yemeni people and help save their lives!