Write for Rights in Colombia – Amnesty International annual global letter writing event


December 10th is International Human Rights Day!

Amnesty International is organizing their annual global letter writing event


Take action with Amnesty International’s campaign for threatened Colombian land and environment defender Jani Silva, who is in grave danger as a result of courageous work to protect land, rights and the environment in the Amazon region of Putumayo. Other members of Jani’s organization ADISPA are also at risk amid an alarming increase in assassinations of defenders and social leaders in Colombia.
We invite friends of CASA to take action this month for Jani Silva and ADISPA.
• Sign the online actions for Jani, write a letter or tweet your support. Share with your networks.
• Join Amnesty International on December 10th at 5 pm EST and listen to Jani Silva talk about her work, the situation of risk and vital need for solidarity. Register here!
Thank you for your solidarity with Jani Silva and ADISPA.
Colombian Action Solidarity Alliance – CASA