June 15, 2015

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Support the right of the people of Khirbet Susiya, Palestine, to remain on their land. Their entire village faces the threat of demolition.


The entire Palestinian village of Khirbet Susiya (also known as Susiya) in Area C of the occupied West Bank may soon be demolished to make way for illegal Israeli settlers. Once this happens, the families of Susiya will be left homeless in harsh desert conditions. Of the 450 residents, 120 are children.

This current situation is particularly alarming because the Israeli government has also taken steps to forcibly transfer as many as 7,000 Palestinians from 46 Palestinian communities in other parts of Area C to make way for more illegal settlements.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that, if this plan goes ahead, it will be in violation of international law and represent a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention. The forced transfer of protected persons in an occupied territory is a forbidden act under international law and is defined as a war crime.

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