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May, 2016

At the beginning of last February, Farwana reported the detention of 100 Palestinian women and children by the Israeli regime since the beginning of the Palestinian 3rd Intifada back in October 2015.

From the beginning of the Intifada of Al-Aqsa, in September 2000, until now, more than 1,400 Palestinian women have been detained and locked up in Israeli jails, according to Palestinian sources.
“Forces of the Israeli occupation have detained and imprisoned 1403 Palestinian women since September 2000 until now”, informed activist Abdul Nasser Farwana, specialized in Palestinian prisoners issues, last Monday.
The activist emphasized that the list of detained includes mothers, older women, pregnant women, social activists, parliamentarians, students, and young girls.
“Four Palestinian women have gave birth in Israeli jails, in very bad conditions”, Farwana added to denounce the tortures and abuses received by the arrested Palestinian women.
As a consequence of mistreatments by the Israeli police, a number of those women have been injured or died, Farwana added.

“Despite all of these subhuman conditions and the lack of access to basic needs, the Israelis haven’t been able to break the will of these women and they continue to resist, in some cases, carrying out hunger strikes against their detention”.

Farwana asked for further efforts to help the Palestinian women, especially those imprisoned in the Israeli jails, and reducing their afflictions.

At the beginning of last February, Farwana informed the detention of 100 Palestinian women and girls by the Israeli regime since the start of the Palestinian 3rd Intifada back in October 2015.

Tension within the occupied Palestinian territories has deepened after several raids and profanations to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, located in Al-Quds City (Jerusalem), which provoked the rage of the Palestinian people, forcing them to start a new “intifada” to free Al-Quds.

The Committee on the Matter of Palestinian Prisoners warned about the detention of al least 6,830 Palestinians since 2015, and pointed out that the figures have grown by 12,7% in comparison with 2014.

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