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Letters to the Editor &Bureau of Accuracy and Public Editor
Dear Sir or Madam:
On behalf of the Canadian, Latin American and Caribbean Policy Centre, we wish to commend The Star for publishing today’s article by Linda McQuaig on Venezuela: Canada on wrong side of Venezuelan conflict.
It is a source of great frustration to those of us who have first hand knowledge and experience in Latin America to see that overwhelmingly the news that Canadian media publish on Venezuela comes through the biased news agencies of the USA, thereby negating a Canadian view of the political and social situations that arise in Latin America. 
Specifically, with respect to Venezuela – that has the largest oil deposit in this Hemisphere- there is a clear and open attempt by the Trump Administration to effect “regime change” there, precisely to obtain control of its oil resources.  It is a country that is clearly democratic. Its next presidential election are on 20 May, as agreed with the opposition.  The Venezuelan electoral process has been hailed by former USA president Jimmy Carter as the best in the world. Its economic woes are due less to government policies as to a confessed and concerted action by the USA to bring down its economy, similar to the assault that Chile underwent when Nixon and Kissinger vowed to “make Chile’s economy scream” before they orchestrated the coup that killed Allende.
It is more than sad that Canada, under Minister C. Freelan has chosen to engage in regime change with its sanctions against Venezuela that are a violation of international law, rather than the long standing Canadian tradition not to interfere in the domestic policies of other nations.
It is most refreshing to see an article well written, well researched such as that of Linda McQuaig. If you have any doubts as to the veracity of her column, we are most prepared to meet with you and provide ample evidential data that will corroborate her words.
Most sincerely,
Dr. Maria Páez Victor
Chair of the Board
The Canadian, Latin American and Caribbean Policy Centre

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