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LACSN offers a wide array of dynamic opportunities that support your personal interest. Our environment as a network helps you develop critical thinking skills and excite your imagination!


: Are you passionate about the environment? Everything from anti-mining campaigns in Latin America, protesting the tar sands, becoming greener, contributing towards seeds GMO-free, fighting water pollution and corporatization.

FLASHBACK: History researchers wanted! Latin American history – Not just another history lesson; igniting your imagination& giving you the opportunity to experience the historic personalities and events that have shaped Latin America (It could also include Canadian devastating participation in Latin America affairs such as the Canadian-Owned Tahoe Resources in Guatemala and EDC’s displacement of Embera-Katios in Colombia, just to mention a couple).

CREATIVE RESEARCH: Exploring Latin America within a Canadian Context: Researching Canadian migration policies (past, present) in relation to Latin American and the Caribbean communities, Canadian foreign affairs practices, FTAs, ALBA, Venezuela and Chavez, Bolivia and Evo, Latin American Diaspora and Culture, Canadian Diplomatic Relationships in Latin America, etc.

ARTSTRAVAGANZA: Art camp with your favourite friends, organized by yourself! Discovering and applying your talents in graphic design, website creation, flyers, cartoons, visual arts, music, drama, others, etc. We provide the supplies, just be creative!!

THE SOLIDARITY MONTH! A month filled with exciting events and activities organized by different Latin American grassroots organizations which focus on promoting community participation and exploring engagement in issues that affect people’s day to day life. These issues may include, migrant justice, fighting the austerity agenda, environmental justice, and indigenous rights, etc., through the organization of workshops, lectures, teach-ins cultural events and other actions in order to highlight the involvement of the Latin America Community in local politics.​​