Assassination in Guatemala of nephew of Angelica Choc, plaintiff in Hudbay Minerals lawsuits

Assassination in Guatemala of nephew of Angelica Choc, plaintiff in Hudbay Minerals lawsuits.  Indications that murderers were actually seeking to kill José Ich, son of Angélica Choc, and witness in Hudbay lawsuits

Statement by Choc and Ich families, through Rights Action, April 11, 2018


During the late evening of March 30, 2018 and early hours of Saturday, March 31, several people brought Héctor Choc to the outskirts of the El Estor community (Guatemala), and beat him to death with rocks and other objects. Héctor died while being rushed to the Puerto Barrios hospital.


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Witnesses (who spoke on conditions of anonymity due to fear) explained that one of the assassins said: “It’s not Ich, let’s go.” “Ich” is how José Manuel Ich Choc, Angélica’s son and Héctor’s cousin, is known in El Estor.


The Choc and Ich families demand justice for this most recent attack against them and denounce that the murder of Héctor (apparently planned ahead of time) was probably an attempt against the life of José Ich.

Jose Ich: Witness in trials against Hudbay Minerals and CGN (Guatemalan Nickel Company)

José is a witness in the criminal case against Mynor Padilla in Guatemala and in the civil lawsuits against Hudbay Minerals/CGN before Canadian courts for his father’s murder on September 27, 2009, which was committed by Mynor Padilla (a former lieutenant colonel in the Guatemalan army who then worked as head of security of Hudbay Minerals/CGN) and the security forces under his control.

Due to the accumulated sorrow from suffering so many attacks and aggressions over many years, the Choc and Ich families waited several days before publicly denouncing this most recent attack and political crime.

-In 2008, Ramiro Choc – Angélica´s brother— suffered imprisonment as a political prisoner for six years, for his work in defense of the rights and lands of the Maya Q’eqchi’ peoples

-In 2009, Mynor Padilla, then head of security of Hudbay Minerals/CGN along with security agents under his control, murdered Adolfo Ich.

-In 2016, men fired their weapons against Angélica´s home while she was inside sleeping with her two younger children.

-In 2018, María Choc – the sister of Angélica and Ramiro—was arbitrarily detained (“criminalized”) by the Guatemalan state, for her work in defense of the rights and lands of the Q’eqchi´ peoples.

-Throughout these years, members of both families have faced constant harassment and threats for their work and struggle in defense of the rights and lands of the Q’eqchi´ peoples, particularly the Choc family – Angélica and José—due to their participation in legal proceedings in Canada and Guatemala.

In addition to the pain and suffering for yet another political crime that forced them to bury another loved one, the families are now extremely concerned for the safety of José Ich.

The Choc and Ich families request national and international solidarity and support.  They continue to demand justice, and to demand an end to impunity in Guatemala (and Canada) for all the political crimes against them for their work in defense of the human rights and land rights of the Q’eqchi’ peoples.

For more information

·         In Guatemala: Victor Manuel Cuz and Sofia Cuz (parents of the deceased Hector) and Angelica Choc, Telephone/ Whatsapp (Angelica): +1 502 4487-7237

·         In Canada: Grahame Russell, Rights Action, +1 416-807-4436,

A massive wound to the heart of the Amazon!

Brave indigenous tribes are fighting a Canadian mining giant that plans to open a toxic gold mine in the heart of their sacred Amazon lands! One tribe is facing extinction if this disaster goes ahead — now grassroots groups are asking for our help!

The mining company is close to getting all its permits — but the tribes have managed to delay the project through the courts. Now, mounting losses are putting pressure on investors to pull out.

This is our moment to strike.

Experts say the mine’s top investor, Agnico Eagle Mines, cares about its international reputation as a sustainability leader. If one million of us call them out for this project, and deliver the petition to shareholders at their annual meeting in weeks, we could be the game-changer to end this insane venture.

If the mine goes ahead, they’ll need to build a dam too — to hold a mountain of chemical waste twice the size of Rio’s iconic Sugarloaf. In 2015, a similar, smaller structure broke, leaking the equivalent of 20,000 Olympics pools of toxic sludge into the rivers and ocean, killing 19 people. And now the same engineer who said that dam was “100% safe” is in charge of this mine’s safety report!

This region is home to 9 indigenous tribes, and hundreds of traditional communities. One of the tribes only recently made contact with “modern civilisation” — now they’re stepping out to fight for their survival!

Agnico has huge leverage. If they pull out, the project is dead. But they’re operating under the radar and without public attention they’ll keep funneling money into the project. A million pairs of eyes drilling into them now can convince them to give up.

Let’s welcome shareholders to their annual meeting in Toronto with a hard-hitting campaign, show them the disastrous nature of the project they’re backing, and push them to drop it for good. Sign and share:



From Europe, to South America, Africa to Asia, our movement has stood with indigenous peoples and local communities to protect our planet’s treasures against powerful corporations and mega-projects. Let’s do it again for the Amazon!

With hope and determination,

Luis, Diego, Flora, Danny, Joseph, Alice and the whole Avaaz team

Mensaje desde Argentina para la Convención minera en Toronto

The people of the north to the south and east to west of Argentina, we express our most energetic repudiation of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada.

We want to communicate to the citizens of Toronto that their city has become the red carpet of a business meeting of mining companies. A carpet covered with blood. That of the people with cancer and that of generations without a future in our country.

Nothing stops them. Neither the right to self-determination of the indigenous people, nor the trials for pollution and fraud in the north, nor the mobilizations, referendums and plebiscites against them in the south, nor the laws that should protect the glaciers. .. the fresh water source of the planet.

They have joined entrepreneurs and local governments that are now in Canada, without remorse for giving up our lives and our territory. This is the case of San Juan where Governor Gioja allowed Barrick Gold to cause significant spills, generating a serious impact on water basins and affecting water sources for human consumption.

Our people and cultures are reluctant to lay down millenarian reasons for petty interests, excessive ambitions and ill-gotten fortunes.

The populous has already been pronounced for the refusal to exploit our common goods.

We want to tell you that each step we take is a step beyond rebelliousness, making visible the looting and strengthening of a resounding NO to your endeavors.

We are organized to face their greed, lobby and purchase of weak wills.

Our planet unites us. Argentines, native people and conscious Canadians say







The Mining Record of OceanaGold’s in the Philippines

The Mining Record of OceanaGold’s in the Philippines

by John Cavanagh and Robin Broad – STOPESMINING
August 17, 2016

Ever since it took over PacRim in El Salvador in 2013, the large Canadian-Australian Mining Company, OceanaGold, has wanted to mine gold along the Lempa River in northern El Salvador.  It claims that it will be an environmentally-responsible mining company that will protect this river, which supplies over half of the drinking water of El Salvador.