Call to Assembly – Convocatoria

Apreciables miembrxs, amigxs y aliadxs de LACSN:

Dear members, friends and allies of LACSN:

Estamos por cerrar otro año de actividades en el campo de la solidaridad para con nuestros pueblos de Abya Yala y de otras latitudes.

We are about to close another year of solidarity activities with our people from Abya Yala and friends from other latitudes.

El trabajo voluntario en el campo de la solidaridad que hemos realizado por 11 años sigue siendo necesario, razón por la cual les invitamos a participar activamente en nuestra proxima Asamblea General Anual, el dia Domingo 22 de Septiembre a partir de las 10:00 am. El lugar sera anunciado pronto.

The voluntary solidarity work we have done for 11 years, is still a necessity; this is the main reason for sending out an open invitation for you to actively participate in our next Annual General Assembly, Sunday, September 22nd at 10:00 am. Place to be announced.

Su participación es importante, tanto en el Comité Coordinador, como integrante en alguna Comisión de trabajo. LACSN necesita el impulso de todxs para cumplir la labor que hasta ahora ha venido realizando y mas aùn, actualizarla a las necesidades presentes.

Your participation is important, either working closely with the Coordinating Committee and/or as member of a Work Commission. LACSN needs the strength of all to continue with the work that has been doing so far as well as to raise up to the challenge of more current needs.

Hoy, necesitamos el poder de un movimiento de solidaridad que esté unido contra la crisis humanitaria que estamos enfrentando tanto en el Norte como en el Sur de este continente. ¡Somos más poderosos cuando estamos unidos!

Today, we need the power of a solidarity movement that is united against the humanitarian crisis we are facing at both North and South of this continent. ¡We are most powerful when we are united together!

Gracias por su interés y por favor dirija sus inquietudes o solicitudes a nuestro correo:

Thanks for your interest and please direct your concerns or requests to our email:

Atentamente, El Comité Coordinador

Sincerely, The Coordinating Committee 


Reference Materials:

CA Guidelines 2019





Dear friends,

Most of LACSN work entails developing strong relationships amongst activist groups, raising awareness to social justice issues in the south as well as for the diaspora of immigrants from the south who call Turtle Island their home.

On august 11, 2019 LACSN will hold its annual fundraising BBQ at Christie Pits Park, across from the Christie Subway station in Toronto. The BBQ will take place between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Games, entertainment and mingling will take place starting at 10:00 a.m.  We will be at the park until 8:00 p.m.

This year we are fortunate to have Mario Muñoz, Raúl Galvan, Miguel Vasquez and Rowena Chow are amongst the talented musicians who will share with us their live performances.

The BBQ is always a hit. Master BBQ chef Luis Tapia never fails to please the crowd with savoury steaks. There will be vegetarian options.

If you cannot attend the BBQ there are many other ways you can support our work:


1.    Purchase tickets for those on limited or no income.

2.    Make a donation to LACSN!

3.    Share this email with others who may want to attend the BBQ or may want to support our work in other ways.

4.    Come to our monthly meetings, third Wednesday of each month at OISE (St. George subway station) 5thfloor at 6:30 p.m.


We look forward to seeing you at the BBQ on August 11, 2019,


LACSN Coordinating Committee

Solidarity with Venezuela!


The undersigned Justice Advocates and Progressive Organizations:

Strongly condemn United States Vice-President Mike Pence’s statement advocating the overthrow of democratically elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The statement by the United States Vice-President violates International Law and Regulations and disrespects Venezuela right to self-determination, and sovereignty.

We denounce the Canadian government’s efforts to interfere in Venezuela’s internal affairs and denounce the lack of respect it has shown to Venezuela’s right to self-determination.

We oppose the sanctions imposed on the people of Venezuela and we call on the Canadian government to stop interfering in Venezuela national affairs.  

We stand for principles of international accords, treaties, and agreements, as well as for the United Nations General Assembly Resolutions against acts that attempt to destabilize democratic governments.

We call on the International community to oppose and condemn the actions of the United States, against democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro.

We stand with those countries, governments, and heads of state who have expressed their support for Venezuela’s Democracy and its democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro.

Decades of disastrous U.S. military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libia, Syria, and Palestine demonstrate how wrong US foreign policy has been.

U.S. Foreign policy is responsible for millions of civilian deaths, ravaged countries, and the ongoing chaos that has replaced functioning democracies.

Venezuela is investing its oil revenue and other resources in social programs such as public housing, education, health, and gender equality; in spite of or maybe because of that, the United States is publicly declaring Venezuela a dictatorship and once again showing that it does not respect the sovereign democracy of other countries nor their right to self-determination.





We the undersigned,

Venezuela Solidarity
Hugo Chavez Front (HCPDF)

Bolivarian Circle Louis Riel
Toronto Association for Peace and Solidarity (TAPS)
Canadian Peace Congress

Colombian Action Solidarity Alliance (CASA)
Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network – LACSN
Socialist Action
Victor Jara Cultural Group
Casa Salvador Allende Toronto
Communist Party of Canada – Parti Communiste du Canada
Young Communist League – Toronto
Guatemala Community Network, Toronto

NDP Socialist Caucus

LACSN Annual Party: Food, Music, Dancing and of course, REVOLUTION!

Year End Rumba!


When injustice is in sight,
to fight against it is a right,
on December 8th,
we celebrate that fight.

Come and join LACSN and all its member organizations to celebrate the work that we did throughout 2018, and as we prepare to face 2019, we’ll be posting all the different actions, petitions and events that LACSN was part of this year.




Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 7 PM – 2 AM

Toronto Education Workers / Local 4400

1482 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ontario M5P 3H1



Join us to celebrate!

A Message from LACSN

As mandated by LACSN Statutes, the Coordinating Committee is pleased to announce that on Sunday, September 30th, 2018 elections were held at the annual AGM and we elected the 2018/2019 Coordinating Committee.

Tal como lo estipulan los Estatutos de la Red de Solidaridad Latinoamericana y del Caribe, el Comité Coordinador para 2018/2019 fue elegido el domingo, 30 de Septiembre de 2018.