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Ordinary Venezuelans, not the government of Venezuela, are hurt by sanctions imposed by the US and Canada

The elderly grandmother who cannot get insulin for her diabetes, the child whose calories are restricted during an important stage of development, families who cannot feed and clothe their children on wages they make under sanctions-caused hyper-inflation…these are the victims.

Unilateral sanctions are illegal

The day after the re-election of Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro, the US further expanded economic sanctions against Venezuela. Canada has sanctions targeting individuals. Violating the human rights of the Venezuelan people, the unilateral sanctions are illegal under the charters of the OAS and the UN.

These sanctions prevent refinancing of foreign debt and repatriation of dividends earned by state subsidiaries abroad, restricting Venezuela’s ability to import vital foods and medicines. The US and Canada hypocritically claim to be concerned about the humanitarian situation in Venezuela, while their sanctions regimes are deliberately designed to asphyxiate the Venezuelan economy.

Sanctions are a form of economic war and can be a prelude to actual war

Released documents and public statements by the US and its allies in the Lima Group (including Canada) have made clear that a military option against Venezuela is not only on the table, but is  being planned.

As people in the US and Canada, we have the responsibility to end our governments’ practice of illegal foreign intervention, including economic sanctions against the people of Venezuela. Sanctions are collective punishment designed to make people suffer enough that they are willing to overthrow their own democratically elected government just to find relief, violating Venezuela’s sovereignty.

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