Pompeo Blabs Venezuela Plot

By Finian Cunningham

June 09, 2019 “Information Clearing House” –

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just spilled the beans on Washington’s regime-change maneuver in Venezuela. The US is not supporting a popular pro-democracy movement, as the official media narrative goes.

There is no movement against incumbent President Nicolas Maduro worth talking about, admits Pompeo. It’s all an orchestration by Washington. In short, a criminal plot.

The clumsy admission was reported by the Washington Post which obtained an audio recording of Pompeo’s unguarded comments during a recent closed-door meeting in New York. His blundering blab is a spectacular own goal.

The meeting was held with Jewish groups apparently on a range of international topics, including the Trump administration’s Middle East policy. Pompeo seemed unaware his remarks were being recorded. His comments are therefore a stark leveling of reality, dispelling the media spin put out by the Trump administration of “supporting democracy” in Venezuela.

It also vindicates Russia’s steadfast support for the Venezuelan government, and Moscow’s consistent condemnation of Washington’s interference in the South American country.

In his off-guard remarks, Pompeo is scathing about the fecklessness of so-called opposition in Venezuela. He indicates that the US-backed movement has failed because of squabbling among political figures vying for leadership. With a tone of understatement, the top American diplomat laments that Washington’s efforts at organizing the disparate opposition have “proven devilishly difficult”.

“Our conundrum, which is to keep the opposition united, has proven devilishly difficult”, says Pompeo, as reported by the Post. “The moment [President] Maduro leaves, everybody’s going to raise their hands and [say], ‘Take me, I’m the next president of Venezuela’. It would be forty-plus people who believe they’re the rightful heir to Maduro”.

That’s a stunning slip. What this senior US official blabbed is a blunt confirmation that the self-declared “interim president” Juan Guaido does not have any popular support among Venezuelans.

Guaido declared himself “interim president” back in January this year, days after Maduro was inaugurated for his second term of the presidency. Immediately, Washington announced that it was recognizing Guaido as the “legitimate leader” of Venezuela.

Other Latin American and most European countries also quickly followed Washington’s policy.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of UN member states, including Russia and China, continue to recognize Maduro as the valid, democratically elected president.

Indeed, Moscow has vehemently denounced Washington for interfering in Venezuela’s sovereign affairs with an illicit agenda for regime change. Russian President Vladimir Putin this week warned that US policy in Venezuela was leading to “disaster”.

In effect, Pompeo is candidly admitting that Washington is orchestrating Venezuela’s political tensions – and failing.

The corollary of this is that the so-called opposition to the Maduro government has conspicuously failed to mobilize any significant popular challenge to the elected authorities. A military coup attempt on 30 April, led by US-backed figure Juan Guaido fizzled into a minor debacle.

Despite months of highly public calls for a popular uprising, which have been amplified by US media, Venezuelans have remained loyal to the government or at least indifferent to Guaido’s calls for rebellion.

The distinct lack of anti-government traction is easily understood in the light of Pompeo’s recent admissions. That’s because there is no opposition movement with a popular mandate. It is a figment of Washington’s machinations for regime change.

Pompeo also admitted in the recorded comments that US efforts to galvanize a credible opposition have been going on before Maduro’s re-election last May and way before Guaido declared himself “interim president” earlier this year.

“We were trying to support various religious… institutions to get the opposition to come together… since the day I became CIA director, this was something that was at the center of what President Trump was trying to do”.

Pompeo was made CIA chief in January 2017, then later became Secretary of State in April 2018. Maduro was re-elected in May 2018 with nearly 68 percent of the national vote, much more than any rival candidate achieved. The so-called US-backed opposition didn’t even contest in the election, boycotting it.

It has long been suspected that Washington has been fomenting political unrest in Venezuela over the past 20 years, in order to oust the former socialist President Hugo Chavez, and subsequently his successor Maduro.

But Pompeo’s remarks confirm that the so-called “interim presidency” of Guaido is merely a product of Washington’s scheming. Washington is not rallying behind a genuine, spontaneous opposition figure. Rather, it has manufactured this cut-out, non-entity figure. The problem is that petty rivalries and lack of a popular support base have confounded the US manufacturing process for orchestrating a successful coup.

Several damning conclusions can be drawn.

The Trump administration’s high-flown claims that President Maduro is not the legitimate authority are baseless. Maduro was re-elected in a free and fair national vote by a clear majority. There are no grounds for Washington to claim that he does not have a popular mandate and is suppressing a democratic majority.

The economic sanctions imposed on Venezuela by Washington allegedly to support democracy are null and void of any legal or moral justification. In fact, the social turmoil and human suffering among the poor majority of Venezuelans caused by US sanctions make Washington fully culpable of criminal aggression towards that nation.

Threats by the Trump administration of using military force against Venezuela also constitute criminal aggression. The pretext of “military option” to “support democracy” is shown to be an utter lie. It would also be wantonly disastrous for Venezuela and the entire Latin American region, as President Putin warned.

Obviously, the real objective for Washington’s criminal policy of destabilizing and starving Venezuela is to impose a puppet regime in Caracas in order to exploit the South American country’s rich oil resources – estimated to be the largest reserves on the planet. Trump’s hawkish national security adviser John Bolton has previously declared this objective. Pompeo’s admission of an illusory, non-existent pro-democracy movement confirms the real agenda of American aggression.

Opposition figures, more accurately “figurines”, like Juan Guaido are liable for prosecution for sedition and treason.

A further conclusion is that all governments which ceded to Washington’s bullying interference in Venezuela, including notable European ones like Britain, France, and Germany, should be hanging their heads in shame. They are complicit in unlawful aggression and a gross violation of the UN Charter.

Ironically, the US, Britain, and France are permanent members of the UN Security Council. As Venezuela illustrates, they are nothing but a gang of criminals masquerading behind moralistic masks.

Global Poverty: How the Rich Eat the Poor and the World: The big lies

The 2016 Oxfam Davos Report which the mass media have ignored arrestingly shows that 62 individuals – 388 in 2010 – now own more wealth than 50% of the world’s population. More shockingly, it reports from its uncontested public sources that this share of wealth by half of the world’s people has collapsed by over 40% in just the last five years. Yet the big lies persist even here that “the progress has been made in tackling world poverty” and “extreme poverty has been halved since 1990”.

Reversing Undeniable Fact as Ultimate Justification

Unbelievably, the endlessly repeated assertion of the form that ‘the poor are being lifted out of poverty in ever greater numbers’ continues on untouched despite the hard evidence that, in fact, the poorer half of humanity has lost almost half of their wealth in just the last five years.

This big lie is significant in its implications. For not only is a pervasive claim about the success of globalization undeniably falsified while no-one notices it. Basic market theory and dogma collapses as a result. What is daily claimed as an infallible benefit of the global market is shown to be the opposite of reality. What does it mean for “trickle-down theory” when, in truth, the trickle down goes up in hundreds of billions of dollars to the rich from the already poor and destitute?

What can we say now of the tirelessly proclaimed doctrine that the global market brings “more wealth for all” when, in fact, unimpeachable business evidence shows the opposite reality on the ground and across the world. For the poor have undeniably lost almost half their share of global wealth while the richest have multiplied theirs at the same time.

The evidence proves, in short, that the main moral and economic claims justifying the global market are very big lies becoming bigger all the time.

Worse than delusional, the lived reality of impoverishment of billions of people is reversed, the victims are continually proclaimed to be doing better under the system that increasingly deprives them of what little they have, and a trillion dollars worth of loss to the poorer half of humanity ends up in the pockets of the rich within only five years.

While the ever bigger lies go on justifying the global system that eats the poor alive as “poverty amelioration”, ever more of the same policies of accumulation by dispossession justify still more  stripping of  the majority as more “austerity”, more “welfare cuts”,  and more “labor flexibility” – in a word, more starvation and depredation of people’s lives and life conditions as “more freedom and prosperity for all”.

The Statistical Shell Game that Masks the Life-Devouring Reality

As World Bank, IMF and like figures claim to show the uplifting of the poor out of poverty across the world,  media of record like The Guardian and the New York Times report the claims with headlines to show all is well and getter for the poor and the majority as they are in fact grindingly reduced in their actual lives, work and life security. Thus the very big lies are instituted as given facts which economists and social scientists propagate without a blink.

In fact, these alleged great gains for the poor out of poverty and absolute poverty alike are based on income gains of less than a cup of coffee a day, an observation that is so well blocked from view that readers may now be seeing it for the first time. Thus the hypnotic thrall of the big lies are sustained, while no other life support system is. I have had economists and interviewers of high note respond angrily when this delusion is pointed out, as if I was letting down the poor rather than exposing the big lies. In this way, we find that the masking falsehoods  have gone so deep into expert and public assumption that the real-life world can no longer be engaged. These big lies then work in the background to the non-stop big lies that precede endless  foreign conflicts and wars to “defend the free world”

No-one appears to observe that the income gains ’lifting the poor out of poverty’ typically refer to emigrants from the countryside into polluted cities, insecure and dehumanized life conditions for those who formerly had at least a family dwelling, clean air and water and living horizons.  In short, the standard $1.50 +/- measure of uplift out of poverty and extreme poverty is inhumanly absurd, but triumphally used as proof that the system is serving the least too.

The Counter-Revolution against Social Evolution that Engineers Deepening Recession

Throughout the unseen redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich (now buried in much talk of “inequality”), ever more “market reforms” are enforced as “enhanced competition”, “liberalized de-regulation”,  “reduced welfare costs” and “austerity programs to correct excesses”. The “excessive entitlements” of the system are all projected on the victims so that  the truly insane entitlements of the richest to multiply their fortunes with no committed life function, value or coordinate but still more money-demand for them is somehow not noticed. This is yet another level of normalized big lies forming the ruling thought system.

In fact beneath the pervasive propaganda conditioning citizens to believe in the private money shell game devouring the world, the poorer half of humanity has been deprived of one trillion dollars of wealth while the 62 richest people have gained almost twice as much for themselves by the operations of this global disorder. Yet the Davos Report further emphasizes that still another US $760 billion goes annually to non-producing investors by immense transnational tax evasion with impunity across the world. Again the borderless money-capital freedom of ‘globalization’ vastly enriches the richest, while simultaneously doubling down on deprivation of the poor as ‘poverty reduction’.

Here the system is programmed in effect to strip the funding of all public sectors and institutions which have evolved to serve the common life interest. Public services and infrastructures too are perpetually driven towards bankruptcy not only by never-ending defunding, cutbacks, privatizations, and corporate lobby control of public policies and subsidies, but by ever-soaring public tax evasion near one trillion dollars annually about which governments and trade treaties have done nothing to correct yet.

Thus governments which could invest in sustaining humanity’s social and ecological life support systems from growing deterioration and collapse are now systematically bankrupted or debt enslaved along with most citizens. In consequence without governments knowing why, the world economy slips into ever deeper recession from the collapse of economic demand at the public and majority levels.

Eating the World Alive as Global Competition

The new law of human evolution is that are required to compete for more money and commodities for themselves as “necessary to survive”, with the borderless system de-regulated and structured to increasingly impoverish the great majority while multiplying the wealth of the rich. The facts are now long in. Corporate globalization is not only out of control. It is eating the world alive at all levels towards cumulative collapse of organic, social and ecological life organization. Global competition means, in fact, the majority’s life means and security keep falling as the environment is looted and polluted on ever larger scales of depredation. Yet only “more growth” of this system is imagined as a solution. The system is clinically insane

While the common life-ground is blinkered out a-priori by the ruling value system, those deprived and left behind disappear into multi-level big lies proclaiming the opposite. This is why the facts are not reported. This is why claimed actions to stop the world bleeding blinker out the system disorder causing them. This is why even progressives assume economic falsehoods as if they were true. Like a cancer system at the macro level, this exponentially multiplying private money-sequence system has only one set-point – to blindly grow itself while masking the life-devouring disorder as “enhancing people’s well-being”.

Debate with Friends

“The people of Venezuela are facing many difficulties due to the USA blockade and aggressions and at this moment need the solidarity of people of true humanitarian spirit and not attacks through absurd comparisons, of false democrats.” (Anisio Pires, rebelion, 4 mayo 2019)


The Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle, sends this article out to those who persist in denying the validity of the Venezuelan Bolivarian revolution. We offer here a wise but tough article by one of Venezuela’s most eminent economists who has excellent socialist credentials.

We are quite out of patience with armchair theorists who have always criticized our country and leaders for not being  “revolutionary” enough, who still do not understand us or Latin America, yet persist in a condescending manner to be our judges and deny the revolutionary road that Venezuela, in its own self-determination,  is forging for itself in a very difficult geopolitical situation; the globe today is not the one in the 1960,70 or 80s. It is not a simple situation Venezuela is facing.

The Venezuelan people are engaged in an authentic anti-imperialist struggle for national liberation defending its sovereignty and seeking social justice in the midst of an interlocking world market system.  

The destiny of Latin America is at stake and any possibility of stemming the tide of savage capitalism. 

Its revolution is also based on the true respect of Human Rights, that for so many decades were denied to Venezuelans by previous governments.

Venezuela’s is enough of a socialist revolution that it is being fought in the most dastardly manner by the full force of imperial economic forces that have already caused the death of 40,000 innocent civilians –  that should say something about its achievements and its meaning.


Now if critics would only concentrate on creating their own revolutions in North America and Europe, then socialism would really flourish, as the difficulties of having  socialism in only one, or even two, countries would be greatly diminished. 


We have EVERY confidence that the Venezuelan people will overcome: they have the solid civil/military union, the workers, indigenous peoples, campesinos and other popular organizations defend their government; they have the full range of help from the amazingly organized grassroots  (communal councils, communes and collectives)- and they are not alone as Cuba, Russia, China most of the Caribbean, and the overwhelming majority of the UN members support their legitimate president, Nicolás Maduro. 

And most of all, they have right and justice on their side. 


Debate with Friends, about “revolutionary socialist measures” to get out of the crisis”

Manuel Sutherland



1. Imaginate que se da la revolución clásica leninista. Lo que ustedes llaman “medidas revolucionarias socialistas” son impuestas sin guerra civil, ni nada, para no poner el caso de mayor destrucción económica.

2. Ello implica, como dice el PSL, expulsar a las transnacionales que extraen petróleo. Estatizar “casi” todo. Si PDVSA está quebrada, y si desde 2011 pide a BCV dinero para pagar nómina, es imposible que invierta nada en extraer petróleo, la escasa producción actual, 70 % menor a 2011, caería mucho más.

3. Si expropias lo poquito de las transnacionales que tienen acá, ellas te llevaran a juicio internacional y tomarán CITGO, definitivamente. Ahí se pierde mucho más (8 mil millones de $ que acá no los hay en sus posesiones minúsculas).

4. Si expropias la banca, lo microscópico que hay, estaría “bien”, pero eso no recapitalizaría en nada a la banca nacional y cerraría la vía de créditos foráneos, forma rápida de hacerla crecer.

5. Si haces una moratoria de deuda agresiva, no pagas nada, (el gobierno desde 2017 no paga casi nada) pero nadie te haría un préstamo, y el país estaría con el 30 % del capital que rodaba en 2013… en el mejor de los casos. No habría forma de recapitalizar ni aumentar la inversión en nada.

6. Si expropias las miserables empresas chicas extranjeras, te quedarías con chatarra inútil, y cerrarías la puerta a inversiones nuevas. No habría capital de inversión importante.

7. Si expropias a empresas nacionales, el 99 % de ellas, son microscópicas, son cuasi talleres con menos de 100 obreros, con una obsolescencia muy fuerte. Eso taparía el regreso de capitales en manos de venezolanos que pudieran invertir parte de lo fugado que es enorme.

8. Si expropias a ambos, el dinero “fugado, o saqueado” sería congelado por juicios de acreedores de deuda y víctimas de expropiación, no retornaría un sólo dólar. Lo que destroza el “sueño” de obligar a la banca mundial, lo peor del capitalismo junto con los milicos, a devolver plata nuestra.

En fin, las medidas “socialistas revolucionarias” se pudieran hacer, pero luego de acometerlas, en el supuesto negadísimo de existir partido o fuerza para hacerlas, la sociedad quedaría más pobre, y quedaría como dijo Engels, redistribuir la miseria de forma equitativa.

Con un capital mucho más chico, los salarios reales no pudieran crecer porque no hay base productiva. Para ello, no hay capital para que el obrero desarrolle su trabajo.

¿Ejemplos? Cuba, Viet Nam, China (antes de su apertura) y un largo etc. Ahora, con esta base, si se propone esto, hay que hablarles claro a los obreros, y decirles que jamás llegarían a un salario de 600 dólares mensuales, más o menos la canasta Básica, y que la revolución exige más sacrificio de su parte, una vida más o menos igual al actual, con algunas restricciones adicionales y con un aumento represivo importante, ya que si la población será pobre, se alzará, lo cual el gobierno dirá: “son unos burgueses que anhelan comodidades y lujos burgueses”, eso aumentará gastos estatales y hará la situación peor.

La verdad que considero que ese camino no es el idóneo. Aunque claro, si ustedes me explican cómo hacer lo contrario, los aplaudo y les cargo la bandera roja que pondrían en la plaza Bolívar.

Fuente: http://www.desdetutrinchera.com/economia-politica/economia-venezola-hoy-y-sus-salidas/