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August 3, 2016

Over the next few hours, the Brazilian, Paraguayan, and Argentinian right, due to
their political history, will try to consummate the institutional coup in the Mercosur to prevent Venezuela from taking over the pro-tempore presidency of the organization.

This maneuver was initiated by the Paraguayan Chancellor, Eladio Loizaga —member of the Colorado Party, who began his political career under the wing of Dictator Stroessner— and has the support of Mauricio Macri and Michel Temer (who has taken power thanks to the ongoing institutional coup against President Dilma Rousseff).

This is a new step taken by the imperialist counter-offensive, which seeks to destroy all of the processes of regional integration created in the first part of the XXI century. To that end, they want to carry out a new coup in the region and expel Venezuela from the presidency and from the Mercosur itself.

As one can gather from what Macri, Temer and Cartes propose, they are trying change the course of the regional bloc and aim it towards the Pacific Alliance, which is controlled by the United States. The objective is to ease the implementation of the neoliberal project in the region, at the service of the interests of transnational companies and the most conservative local sectors.

At the same time, this gamble also seeks to isolate the Venezuelan revolutionary process, amidst the political, economical, media and even paramilitary attack, which is on the increase.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, they don’t mind violating the order that was established for the rotation of authorities, nor putting pressure on Uruguay to step back on a sovereign decision, that is necessary according to the reglamentacion that is currently in force within the Mercosur. The cynical argumentation that these political sectors give is that in Venezuela there are no Human Rights.

Those who have lead and supported coups in their countries, those who have received with honours the people responsible for genocides, like Peña Nieto, those who have been closely linked with the paramilitary right of Colombia and Venezuela, are trying to make an institutional coup in the Mercosur in the name of democracy.

We, the Continental Articulation of Social Movements towards the ALBA,repudiate these manoeuvres, fully support Venezuela and commit to continue supporting, throughout Our America, the fulfillment of the historical project of Bolivar: the Unity and Integration of our Peoples.

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