Toronto, May 23, 2016​
Dear friends of Beit Zatoun

Amazing – what a week it was as Palestinian Solidarity activists battled the clock to defeat the surprise tabling of a private member’s bill at Queen’s Park on Tuesday afternoon, namely, Bill 202, Standing Up Against Anti-Semitism in Ontario Act, 2016.
Having learned about it only on Wednesday morning and heading for a 2nd reading/vote the very next day there was no time to waste. In a packed 36-hour period of intense communication and immediate action the bill was resoundingly defeated 18 to 39 votes.

​Please write or call to thank your local MPP who voted against (see contact list).
CON – 17 FOR; 0 AGAINST (of 28)
LIB – 1 FOR; 34 AGAINST (of 58)
NDP – 0 FOR; 5 AGAINST (of 25)

Congratulations to the many organizations who banded together and self-organized several initiatives including petitions and contacting MPPs under severe timelines to pull off a huge victory. See summary article from Electronic Intifada. Also see article by Ilan Pappe about need to stand up for BDS.

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